Deck Work

Stripping down, and sealing the coach roof. Four coats of epoxy primer has been applied to the deck.

Getting the cockpit prepared for paint stripping I came across some rot.
The small job grew as I started to cut out other rotten bits, and eventually removed the bridge deck bulkhead.
The rot in the cockpit floor has been replaced with two pieces of 12mm ply bonded together.

Eventually it turned out easier to replace the complete starboard side. In the process I installed new framing, and supports for the cockpit floor.

The first mate came in useful for getting the deck prepared for undercoat, and gloss.
Glossed and ready for the deck paint.
Applying the masking was really time consuming. As it was getting on for Easter there was quite a bit of condensation on the deck, and cabin, and therefore I had to sponge and dry it off before applying the masking tape
Cutting the radius for all those corners!
It's May, and a day before my birthday. What a wonderful present!
It's wonderful how a new coat of paint highlights other imperfections!
I took a break from all this painting, and enjoyed a good few months sailing.
It' early October, and I thought I would haul out CV for a makeover of her bottom.

It was also a good time to get the engine serviced, the prop re-pitched, and the electrics wired in.

I had underestimated the time it would take me to scrape off all the antifouling, and so I had to leave about a third of the hull with some of the old stuff.
As much as I would have liked to, I did not have time to strip the hull above the waterline, so I sanded back, primed, faired, and glossed.

In the future I intend to strip the hull completely, but I will do it in the winter months so the planks don't open up too much.

Back in the water where she belongs!
December 26th. 2005

This what it's all about. Do some work, and then sail, do some work and then .....


Although most of the deck is complete there are still some jobs to complete:

  • Teak cockpit seat, and hatches, to be cleaned, sanded and sealed.
  • Cockpit coamings to be rejuvenated.
  • Tiller to be varnished.
  • Paint to be scraped from window.


And then there is the fit out of the cabin!


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