Some history about the Vertue Class Sloop

Images were sourced from Yachting Monthly April 1999 and text from the Laurent Giles Study Plans Classic Boat magazine featured  the history of the Vertue in the following editions:

A Paradigm of Vertue CB Feb 1996

A Paradigm of Vertue CB March 1996

Glass, Wood and Glue CB April 1996

Adrian Morgan and the Vertue Story

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The Vertue story begins in 1935 eight years after Jack Giles started the world famous yacht design practice. Guernsey man Dick Kinnersley commissioned design No. 15: The 7.6m gaff cutter Andrillot was conceived as a miniature 'Bristol Channel Pilot Boat'. In Giles' words 'with modest forward overhangs; full displacement; outside ballast and transom stern'. Andrillot's hull maintained the general  outward character of the Pilot-fishing boat but had the benefit of the concentrated thought of the design of sea-going yachts.
In 1939 V5: Epenetta entered the Poole / Cherbourg race. This was her maiden voyage and although the smallest boat in the fleet finished first in the small class. Ten years earlier, the Little Ship Club's librarian, Michael B. Vertue, had put up a cup, called the Vertue Cup, to be competed for annually by members submitting logs of their cruises. Epenetta's owner collected it for his accounts of their Biscay travels. In Lymington the Partners seized on a great marketing opportunity ... the VERTUE CLASS was born.
Humphrey Barton wrote, after his acclaimed 1950 transatlantic voyage from England to New York, "I have proved at any rate to my own satisfaction, that a small well designed Bermudan sloop such as this is capable of working her way to windward for days on end and still be perfectly habitable." "So far as I can see there is not the slightest reason why two people should not cruise round the world in such a yacht. I hope that it is only a matter of time before such a voyage is successfully accomplished."
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